David & Dawn

About Us

If you love to travel but don’t want to deal with the planning, we’ve got you covered! Our travel company is owned and operated by Dawn Carver and David Sheehan. We have a passion for group travel and appreciate the many benefits it provides. When you book a fabulous tour with us, we won’t just take you on a getaway. We take care of the planning, navigate the logistics, book the activities and so much more. Most importantly, we create unique, memorable experiences that last a lifetime. Years from now, we want your trip with us to be the one you look back on. With over 15 years of group travel experience, Dawn and David make an excellent travel team. The pair has planned trips to Alaska, Ireland, New York City, Branson, Washington DC and Italy, visiting such places as Blarney Castle, Vatican City, The US Capitol, Ground Zero and so much more. Sharing these experiences with people who value the same things we do is what makes these trips even more rewarding. Don’t let the headaches of organizing a trip stop you from seeing the world. With D and D Fabulous Tours, you can expand your travels and create new memories with friends and family. Leave the planning to us and enjoy worry-free traveling. You deserve it!